Unit pP
Name picopoise
Category Dynamic Viscosity
Details Petapoise (PP) is a unit of dynamic viscosity, which is a measure of a fluid's resistance to flow or deformation under an applied force. It represents how "thick" or "sticky" a fluid is, and it's important for characterizing the behavior of fluids in various applications like lubrication, manufacturing, and even the flow of blood in our circulatory system.

Dynamic viscosity is typically expressed in units called poise (abbreviated as P), which is equal to a force of one dyne per square centimeter acting on a fluid over a distance of one centimeter. The petapoise (PP) is a multiple of poise, where 1 petapoise (1 PP) is equal to 10^15 poise. It is a very large unit that you might encounter in the study or modeling of extremely viscous materials.

In summary, the unit petapoise (PP) in the field of dynamic viscosity is used to describe the resistance of a fluid to flow or deformation and is equal to 10^15 poise.