Unit PSt
Name petastokes
Category Kinematic Viscosity
Details The unit PSt (petastokes) is a unit of measurement for kinematic viscosity in the field of fluid mechanics. Kinematic viscosity refers to the ease with which a fluid flows or its resistance to deformation by shear stress or tensile stress. It is a crucial property that influences the behavior of fluids in various applications such as fluid flow in pipes, lubrication, heat transfer, and more.

One petastokes (PSt) is equal to 10^15 stokes (St), where a stoke is a unit of kinematic viscosity defined as 1 square centimeter per second (cm²/s). So, 1 PSt = 10^15 St = 10^(15) cm²/s. Petastokes are used to represent extremely large values of viscosity or when the fluid in question has an exceptionally high resistance to flow or deformation. However, it is not a commonly used unit, as most fluids in applications have much smaller viscosities, typically measured in millistokes or centistokes.
PSt(petastokes) to am²/d(square attometre per day)PSt(petastokes) to am²/h(square attometre per hour)PSt(petastokes) to am²/min(square attometre per minute)PSt(petastokes) to am²/s(square attometre per second)PSt(petastokes) to aSt(attostokes)PSt(petastokes) to cm²/d(square centimetre per day)PSt(petastokes) to cm²/h(square centimetre per hour)PSt(petastokes) to cm²/min(square centimetre per minute)PSt(petastokes) to cm²/s(square centimetre per second)PSt(petastokes) to cSt(centistokes)PSt(petastokes) to dam²/d(square decametre per day)PSt(petastokes) to dam²/h(square decametre per hour)PSt(petastokes) to dam²/min(square decametre per minute)PSt(petastokes) to dam²/s(square decametre per second)PSt(petastokes) to daSt(decastokes)PSt(petastokes) to dm²/d(square decimetre per day)PSt(petastokes) to dm²/h(square decimetre per hour)PSt(petastokes) to dm²/min(square decimetre per minute)PSt(petastokes) to dm²/s(square decimetre per second)PSt(petastokes) to dSt(decistokes)PSt(petastokes) to 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per day)PSt(petastokes) to km²/h(square kilometre per hour)PSt(petastokes) to km²/min(square kilometre per minute)PSt(petastokes) to km²/s(square kilometre per second)PSt(petastokes) to kSt(kilostokes)PSt(petastokes) to Mm²/d(square megametre per day)PSt(petastokes) to mm²/d(square millimetre per day)PSt(petastokes) to Mm²/h(square megametre per hour)PSt(petastokes) to mm²/h(square millimetre per hour)PSt(petastokes) to mm²/min(square millimetre per minute)PSt(petastokes) to Mm²/min(square megametre per minute)PSt(petastokes) to mm²/s(square millimetre per second)PSt(petastokes) to Mm²/s(square megametre per second)PSt(petastokes) to MSt(megastokes)PSt(petastokes) to mSt(millistokes)PSt(petastokes) to m²/d(square metre per day)PSt(petastokes) to m²/h(square metre per hour)PSt(petastokes) to m²/min(square metre per minute)PSt(petastokes) to m²/s(square metre per second)PSt(petastokes) to nm²/d(square nanometre per day)PSt(petastokes) to nm²/h(square nanometre per hour)PSt(petastokes) to 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hour)PSt(petastokes) to Ym²/h(square yottametre per hour)PSt(petastokes) to ym²/min(square yoctometre per minute)PSt(petastokes) to Ym²/min(square yottametre per minute)PSt(petastokes) to ym²/s(square yoctometre per second)PSt(petastokes) to Ym²/s(square yottametre per second)PSt(petastokes) to ySt(yoctostokes)PSt(petastokes) to YSt(yottastokes)PSt(petastokes) to zm²/d(square zeptometre per day)PSt(petastokes) to Zm²/d(square zettametre per day)PSt(petastokes) to zm²/h(square zeptometre per hour)PSt(petastokes) to Zm²/h(square zettametre per hour)PSt(petastokes) to zm²/min(square zeptometre per minute)PSt(petastokes) to Zm²/min(square zettametre per minute)PSt(petastokes) to zm²/s(square zeptometre per second)PSt(petastokes) to Zm²/s(square zettametre per second)PSt(petastokes) to zSt(zeptostokes)PSt(petastokes) to ZSt(zettastokes)PSt(petastokes) to µm²/d(square micrometre per day)PSt(petastokes) to µm²/h(square micrometre per hour)PSt(petastokes) to µm²/min(square micrometre per minute)PSt(petastokes) to µm²/s(square micrometre per second)PSt(petastokes) to µSt(microstokes)