Unit pt [Imperial]
Name pint
Category Volume
Details A pint (pt) is a unit of volume measurement in the Imperial system, which is predominantly used in the United States, the United Kingdom, and a few other countries. A pint is used to measure liquid substances, and it is equal to 1/2 of a quart, or 1/8 of a gallon. In the Imperial system, one pint is equivalent to 20 fluid ounces, while in the US Customary system, one pint equals 16 fluid ounces. This unit is commonly used in recipes and food packaging labels, as well as in various industries such as agriculture and manufacturing.
pt [Imperial](pint) to ac ft(acre-foot)pt [Imperial](pint) to ac in(acre-inch)pt [Imperial](pint) to aL(attolitre)pt [Imperial](pint) to am³(cubic attometre)pt [Imperial](pint) to bbl(oil barrel)pt [Imperial](pint) to bu [Imperial](bushel)pt [Imperial](pint) to bu [US dry level](bushel)pt [Imperial](pint) to c [Imperial](cup)pt [Imperial](pint) to c [metric](cup)pt [Imperial](pint) to c [US food nutrition labeling](cup)pt [Imperial](pint) to c [US](cup)pt [Imperial](pint) to cL(centilitre)pt [Imperial](pint) to cm³(cubic centimetre)pt [Imperial](pint) to daL(decalitre)pt [Imperial](pint) to dam³(cubic decametre)pt [Imperial](pint) to dL(decilitre)pt [Imperial](pint) to dm³(cubic decimetre)pt [Imperial](pint) to EL(exalitre)pt [Imperial](pint) to Em³(cubic exametre)pt [Imperial](pint) to FBM(board foot)pt [Imperial](pint) to firlot [Imperial]pt [Imperial](pint) to firlot [US dry]pt [Imperial](pint) to fL(femtolitre)pt [Imperial](pint) to fl dr [US](fluid dram)pt [Imperial](pint) to fl oz [Imperial](fluid ounce)pt [Imperial](pint) to fl oz [US food nutrition labeling](fluid ounce)pt [Imperial](pint) to fl oz [US](fluid ounce)pt [Imperial](pint) to fm³(cubic femtometre)pt [Imperial](pint) to ft³(cubic foot)pt [Imperial](pint) to gal [Imperial](gallon)pt [Imperial](pint) to gal [US dry](gallon)pt [Imperial](pint) to gal [US liquid](gallon)pt [Imperial](pint) to gi [Imperial](gill)pt [Imperial](pint) to gi [US](gill)pt [Imperial](pint) to GL(gigalitre)pt [Imperial](pint) to Gm³(cubic gigametre)pt [Imperial](pint) to ha m(hectare metre)pt [Imperial](pint) to hL(hectolitre)pt [Imperial](pint) to hm³(cubic hectometre)pt [Imperial](pint) to in³(cubic inch)pt [Imperial](pint) to jigger [US]pt [Imperial](pint) to kL(kilolitre)pt [Imperial](pint) to km³(cubic kilometre)pt [Imperial](pint) to L(litre)pt [Imperial](pint) to min [Imperial](minim)pt [Imperial](pint) to min [US](minim)pt [Imperial](pint) to mi³(cubic mile)pt [Imperial](pint) to ML(megalitre)pt [Imperial](pint) to mL(millilitre)pt [Imperial](pint) to Mm³(cubic megametre)pt [Imperial](pint) to mm³(cubic millimetre)pt [Imperial](pint) to m³(cubic metre)pt [Imperial](pint) to nL(nanolitre)pt [Imperial](pint) to nm³(cubic nanometre)pt [Imperial](pint) to peck [Imperial]pt [Imperial](pint) to peck [US dry]pt [Imperial](pint) to PL(petalitre)pt [Imperial](pint) to pL(picolitre)pt [Imperial](pint) to Pm³(cubic petametre)pt [Imperial](pint) to pm³(cubic picometre)pt [Imperial](pint) to pt [US dry](pint)pt [Imperial](pint) to pt [US liquid](pint)pt [Imperial](pint) to qt [Imperial](quart)pt [Imperial](pint) to qt [US dry](quart)pt [Imperial](pint) to qt [US liquid](quart)pt [Imperial](pint) to tbsp [Australian](tablespoon)pt [Imperial](pint) to tbsp [metric](tablespoon)pt [Imperial](pint) to tbsp [US food nutrition labeling](tablespoon)pt [Imperial](pint) to tbsp [US](tablespoon)pt [Imperial](pint) to TL(teralitre)pt [Imperial](pint) to Tm³(cubic terametre)pt [Imperial](pint) to tsp [metric](teaspoon)pt [Imperial](pint) to tsp [US food nutrition labeling](teaspoon)pt [Imperial](pint) to tsp [US](teaspoon)pt [Imperial](pint) to yd³(cubic yard)pt [Imperial](pint) to yL(yoctolitre)pt [Imperial](pint) to YL(yottalitre)pt [Imperial](pint) to ym³(cubic yoctometre)pt [Imperial](pint) to Ym³(cubic yottametre)pt [Imperial](pint) to zL(zeptolitre)pt [Imperial](pint) to ZL(zettalitre)pt [Imperial](pint) to zm³(cubic zeptometre)pt [Imperial](pint) to Zm³(cubic zettametre)pt [Imperial](pint) to µL(microlitre)pt [Imperial](pint) to µm³(cubic micrometre)