Unit rad/h
Name radian per hour
Category Frequency
Details In the field of frequency, rad/h (radian per hour) is a unit of angular frequency or angular velocity. It represents the rate at which an object or wave rotates or oscillates (completes a cycle) in an hour, measured in radians.

A radian is a unit of angular measure that describes the angle created when the radius of a circle is wrapped around its circumference. There are 2π (approximately 6.283) radians in one complete rotation or cycle.

When referring to a frequency in the unit of rad/h, it means that the object or wave is completing a certain number of radians per hour as it rotates or oscillates. For example, an angular frequency of 3π rad/h means that the object or wave completes 1.5 rotations (since 1 rotation is 2π radians) in an hour.