Unit statV
Name statvolt
Category Electric Potential
Details Unit statV (statvolt) is a unit of electric potential in the electrostatic unit (esu) system or the Gaussian system, which is a non-SI, non-CGS (non-centimeter-gram-second) system of units. It is used to measure the electric potential difference between two points in an electric field.

1 statV is defined as the electric potential difference that, when applied between two conducting plates, produces an electrostatic force of 1 dyne (the unit of force in the CGS system) per unit charge (esu) on a charged particle placed in the electric field generated by the potential difference.

The relation between statvolt and the more commonly used unit of electric potential, the volt (V), in the SI system is:

1 statV ≈ 299.79 volts
1 V ≈ 3.336 × 10^-3 statV

Though statvolt was widely used in the past, it has been largely replaced by the SI unit, volt, particularly in scientific literature and technical documentation.