Unit Tb
Name terabarn
Category Area
Details A terabarn (Tb) is a non-SI (International System of Units) unit of area used in high-energy particle physics to measure cross-sectional area. It is specifically used for describing the probabilities of particle interactions, such as scattering or cross-sections in particle accelerators. It is equal to 10^12 barns, where 1 barn is defined as equal to 10^-28 square meters (1 barn = 10^-28 m^2). Thus, 1 terabarn = 10^-16 square meters (1 Tb = 10^-16 m^2).

It is important to note that the terabarn, as well as related units like the barn and the picobarn, are not intended for use in broader contexts, as they are quite specific to the field of high-energy particle physics.
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