Unit Torr
Name torr
Category Pressure
Details A Torr (torr) is a unit of pressure used to measure the pressure of a system in the field of fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, materials science, and other related fields. It is named after the Italian physicist and mathematician Evangelista Torricelli, who was the first to demonstrate the concept of atmospheric pressure.

1 Torr is defined as precisely 1/760 of an atmosphere (atm), where 1 atm is the standard atmospheric pressure at sea level. Since the standard atmospheric pressure at sea level is approximately equal to 101,325 Pascals (Pa), 1 Torr is equivalent to 101,325/760 Pa, which is approximately 133.32 Pa.

The Torr unit is considered a non-SI (International System of Units) unit, as the Pascal (Pa) is the SI unit for pressure. Nonetheless, Torr is still widely used in some fields like vacuum technology and meteorology to express pressure differences and is often used in conjunction with other units like millimeters of mercury (mmHg) and atmospheres.
Torr(torr) to abar(attobar)Torr(torr) to agf/am²(attogram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to agf/cm²(attogram-force per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to agf/dam²(attogram-force per square decametre)Torr(torr) to agf/dm²(attogram-force per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to agf/Em²(attogram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to agf/fm²(attogram-force per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to agf/Gm²(attogram-force per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to agf/hm²(attogram-force per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to agf/km²(attogram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to agf/Mm²(attogram-force per square megametre)Torr(torr) to agf/mm²(attogram-force per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to agf/m²(attogram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to agf/nm²(attogram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to agf/Pm²(attogram-force per square petametre)Torr(torr) to agf/pm²(attogram-force per square picometre)Torr(torr) to agf/Tm²(attogram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to agf/ym²(attogram-force per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to agf/Ym²(attogram-force per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to agf/zm²(attogram-force per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to agf/Zm²(attogram-force per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to agf/µm²(attogram-force per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to amHg [conventional](attometre of mercury)Torr(torr) to amH₂O [4 °C](attometre of water)Torr(torr) to aN/am²(attonewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to aN/cm²(attonewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to aN/dam²(attonewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to aN/dm²(attonewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to aN/Em²(attonewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to aN/fm²(attonewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to aN/Gm²(attonewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to aN/hm²(attonewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to aN/km²(attonewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to aN/Mm²(attonewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to aN/mm²(attonewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to aN/m²(attonewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to aN/nm²(attonewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to aN/Pm²(attonewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to aN/pm²(attonewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to aN/Tm²(attonewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to aN/ym²(attonewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to aN/Ym²(attonewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to aN/zm²(attonewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to aN/Zm²(attonewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to aN/µm²(attonewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to aPa(attopascal)Torr(torr) to at [technical](atmosphere)Torr(torr) to atm [standard](atmosphere)Torr(torr) to aTorr(attotorr)Torr(torr) to Ba(barye)Torr(torr) to bar(bar)Torr(torr) to cbar(centibar)Torr(torr) to cgf/am²(centigram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to cgf/dam²(centigram-force per square decametre)Torr(torr) to cgf/dm²(centigram-force per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to cgf/Em²(centigram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to cgf/Gm²(centigram-force per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to cgf/km²(centigram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to cgf/m²(centigram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to cgf/nm²(centigram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to cgf/Tm²(centigram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to cmHg [conventional](centimetre of mercury)Torr(torr) to cmH₂O [4 °C](centimetre of water)Torr(torr) to cN/am²(centinewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to cN/cm²(centinewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to cN/dam²(centinewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to cN/dm²(centinewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to cN/Em²(centinewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to cN/fm²(centinewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to cN/Gm²(centinewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to cN/hm²(centinewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to cN/km²(centinewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to cN/Mm²(centinewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to cN/mm²(centinewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to cN/m²(centinewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to cN/nm²(centinewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to cN/Pm²(centinewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to cN/pm²(centinewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to cN/Tm²(centinewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to cN/ym²(centinewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to cN/Ym²(centinewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to cN/zm²(centinewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to cN/Zm²(centinewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to cN/µm²(centinewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to cPa(centipascal)Torr(torr) to cTorr(centitorr)Torr(torr) to dabar(decabar)Torr(torr) to dagf/am²(decagram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to dagf/Em²(decagram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to dagf/hm²(decagram-force per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to dagf/km²(decagram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to dagf/m²(decagram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to dagf/nm²(decagram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to dagf/Tm²(decagram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to damHg [conventional](decametre of mercury)Torr(torr) to damH₂O [4 °C](decametre of water)Torr(torr) to daN/am²(decanewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to daN/cm²(decanewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to daN/dam²(decanewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to daN/dm²(decanewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to daN/Em²(decanewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to daN/fm²(decanewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to daN/Gm²(decanewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to daN/hm²(decanewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to daN/km²(decanewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to daN/Mm²(decanewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to daN/mm²(decanewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to daN/m²(decanewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to daN/nm²(decanewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to daN/Pm²(decanewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to daN/pm²(decanewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to daN/Tm²(decanewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to daN/ym²(decanewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to daN/Ym²(decanewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to daN/zm²(decanewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to daN/Zm²(decanewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to daN/µm²(decanewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to daPa(decapascal)Torr(torr) to daTorr(decatorr)Torr(torr) to dbar(decibar)Torr(torr) to dgf/am²(decigram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to dgf/Em²(decigram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to dgf/hm²(decigram-force per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to dgf/km²(decigram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to dgf/m²(decigram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to dgf/nm²(decigram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to dgf/Tm²(decigram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to dmHg [conventional](decimetre of mercury)Torr(torr) to dmH₂O [4 °C](decimetre of water)Torr(torr) to dN/am²(decinewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to dN/cm²(decinewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to dN/dam²(decinewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to dN/dm²(decinewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to dN/Em²(decinewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to dN/fm²(decinewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to dN/Gm²(decinewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to dN/hm²(decinewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to dN/km²(decinewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to dN/Mm²(decinewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to dN/mm²(decinewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to dN/m²(decinewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to dN/nm²(decinewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to dN/Pm²(decinewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to dN/pm²(decinewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to dN/Tm²(decinewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to dN/ym²(decinewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to dN/Ym²(decinewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to dN/zm²(decinewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to dN/Zm²(decinewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to dN/µm²(decinewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to dPa(decipascal)Torr(torr) to dTorr(decitorr)Torr(torr) to Ebar(exabar)Torr(torr) to Egf/am²(exagram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to Egf/cm²(exagram-force per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to Egf/dam²(exagram-force per square decametre)Torr(torr) to Egf/dm²(exagram-force per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to Egf/Em²(exagram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to Egf/fm²(exagram-force per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to Egf/Gm²(exagram-force per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to Egf/hm²(exagram-force per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to Egf/km²(exagram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to Egf/Mm²(exagram-force per square megametre)Torr(torr) to Egf/mm²(exagram-force per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to Egf/m²(exagram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to Egf/nm²(exagram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to Egf/Pm²(exagram-force per square petametre)Torr(torr) to Egf/pm²(exagram-force per square picometre)Torr(torr) to Egf/Tm²(exagram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to Egf/ym²(exagram-force per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to Egf/Ym²(exagram-force per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to Egf/zm²(exagram-force per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to Egf/Zm²(exagram-force per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to Egf/µm²(exagram-force per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to EmHg [conventional](exametre of mercury)Torr(torr) to EmH₂O [4 °C](exametre of water)Torr(torr) to EN/am²(exanewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to EN/cm²(exanewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to EN/dam²(exanewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to EN/dm²(exanewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to EN/Em²(exanewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to EN/fm²(exanewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to EN/Gm²(exanewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to EN/hm²(exanewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to EN/km²(exanewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to EN/Mm²(exanewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to EN/mm²(exanewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to EN/m²(exanewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to EN/nm²(exanewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to EN/Pm²(exanewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to EN/pm²(exanewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to EN/Tm²(exanewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to EN/ym²(exanewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to EN/Ym²(exanewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to EN/zm²(exanewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to EN/Zm²(exanewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to EN/µm²(exanewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to EPa(exapascal)Torr(torr) to ETorr(exatorr)Torr(torr) to fbar(femtobar)Torr(torr) to fgf/am²(femtogram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to fgf/Em²(femtogram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to fgf/km²(femtogram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to fgf/m²(femtogram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to fgf/nm²(femtogram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to fgf/Tm²(femtogram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to fmHg [conventional](femtometre of mercury)Torr(torr) to fmH₂O [4 °C](femtometre of water)Torr(torr) to fN/am²(femtonewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to fN/cm²(femtonewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to fN/dam²(femtonewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to fN/dm²(femtonewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to fN/Em²(femtonewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to fN/fm²(femtonewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to fN/Gm²(femtonewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to fN/hm²(femtonewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to fN/km²(femtonewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to fN/Mm²(femtonewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to fN/mm²(femtonewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to fN/m²(femtonewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to fN/nm²(femtonewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to fN/Pm²(femtonewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to fN/pm²(femtonewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to fN/Tm²(femtonewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to fN/ym²(femtonewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to fN/Ym²(femtonewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to fN/zm²(femtonewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to fN/Zm²(femtonewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to fN/µm²(femtonewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to fPa(femtopascal)Torr(torr) to ftHg [conventional](foot of mercury)Torr(torr) to ftH₂O [4 °C](foot of water)Torr(torr) to fTorr(femtotorr)Torr(torr) to Gbar(gigabar)Torr(torr) to gf/am²(gram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to gf/cm²(gram-force per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to gf/dam²(gram-force per square decametre)Torr(torr) to gf/dm²(gram-force per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to gf/Em²(gram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to gf/fm²(gram-force per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to gf/Gm²(gram-force per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to gf/hm²(gram-force per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to gf/km²(gram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to gf/Mm²(gram-force per square megametre)Torr(torr) to gf/mm²(gram-force per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to gf/m²(gram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to gf/nm²(gram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to gf/Pm²(gram-force per square petametre)Torr(torr) to gf/pm²(gram-force per square picometre)Torr(torr) to gf/Tm²(gram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to gf/ym²(gram-force per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to gf/Ym²(gram-force per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to gf/zm²(gram-force per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to gf/Zm²(gram-force per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to gf/µm²(gram-force per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to Ggf/am²(gigagram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to Ggf/Em²(gigagram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to Ggf/hm²(gigagram-force per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to Ggf/km²(gigagram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to Ggf/m²(gigagram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to Ggf/nm²(gigagram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to Ggf/Tm²(gigagram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to GmHg [conventional](gigametre of mercury)Torr(torr) to GmH₂O [4 °C](gigametre of water)Torr(torr) to GN/am²(giganewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to GN/cm²(giganewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to GN/dam²(giganewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to GN/dm²(giganewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to GN/Em²(giganewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to GN/fm²(giganewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to GN/Gm²(giganewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to GN/hm²(giganewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to GN/km²(giganewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to GN/Mm²(giganewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to GN/mm²(giganewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to GN/m²(giganewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to GN/nm²(giganewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to GN/Pm²(giganewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to GN/pm²(giganewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to GN/Tm²(giganewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to GN/Ym²(giganewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to GN/ym²(giganewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to GN/zm²(giganewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to GN/Zm²(giganewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to GN/µm²(giganewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to GPa(gigapascal)Torr(torr) to GTorr(gigatorr)Torr(torr) to hbar(hectobar)Torr(torr) to hgf/am²(hectogram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to hgf/Em²(hectogram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to hgf/km²(hectogram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to hgf/m²(hectogram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to hgf/nm²(hectogram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to hgf/Tm²(hectogram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to hmHg [conventional](hectometre of mercury)Torr(torr) to hmH₂O [4 °C](hectometre of water)Torr(torr) to hN/am²(hectonewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to hN/cm²(hectonewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to hN/dam²(hectonewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to hN/dm²(hectonewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to hN/Em²(hectonewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to hN/fm²(hectonewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to hN/Gm²(hectonewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to hN/hm²(hectonewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to hN/km²(hectonewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to hN/Mm²(hectonewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to hN/mm²(hectonewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to hN/m²(hectonewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to hN/nm²(hectonewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to hN/Pm²(hectonewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to hN/pm²(hectonewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to hN/Tm²(hectonewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to hN/ym²(hectonewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to hN/Ym²(hectonewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to hN/zm²(hectonewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to hN/Zm²(hectonewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to hN/µm²(hectonewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to hPa(hectopascal)Torr(torr) to hTorr(hectotorr)Torr(torr) to inHg [conventional](inch of mercury)Torr(torr) to inH₂O [4 °C](inch of water)Torr(torr) to kbar(kilobar)Torr(torr) to kgf/am²(kilogram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to kgf/cm²(kilogram-force per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to kgf/dam²(kilogram-force per square decametre)Torr(torr) to kgf/dm²(kilogram-force per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to kgf/Em²(kilogram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to kgf/fm²(kilogram-force per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to kgf/Gm²(kilogram-force per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to kgf/ha(kilogram-force per hectare)Torr(torr) to kgf/hm²(kilogram-force per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to kgf/km²(kilogram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to kgf/Mm²(kilogram-force per square megametre)Torr(torr) to kgf/mm²(kilogram-force per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to kgf/m²(kilogram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to kgf/nm²(kilogram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to kgf/Pm²(kilogram-force per square petametre)Torr(torr) to kgf/pm²(kilogram-force per square picometre)Torr(torr) to kgf/Tm²(kilogram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to kgf/ym²(kilogram-force per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to kgf/Ym²(kilogram-force per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to kgf/zm²(kilogram-force per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to kgf/Zm²(kilogram-force per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to kgf/µm²(kilogram-force per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to kmHg [conventional](kilometre of mercury)Torr(torr) to kmH₂O [4 °C](kilometre of water)Torr(torr) to kN/am²(kilonewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to kN/cm²(kilonewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to kN/dam²(kilonewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to kN/dm²(kilonewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to kN/Em²(kilonewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to kN/fm²(kilonewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to kN/Gm²(kilonewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to kN/hm²(kilonewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to kN/km²(kilonewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to kN/Mm²(kilonewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to kN/mm²(kilonewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to kN/m²(kilonewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to kN/nm²(kilonewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to kN/Pm²(kilonewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to kN/pm²(kilonewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to kN/Tm²(kilonewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to kN/ym²(kilonewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to kN/Ym²(kilonewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to kN/zm²(kilonewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to kN/Zm²(kilonewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to kN/µm²(kilonewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to kPa(kilopascal)Torr(torr) to ksi(kip per square inch)Torr(torr) to kTorr(kilotorr)Torr(torr) to lbf/ac(pound-force per acre)Torr(torr) to lbf/ft²(pound-force per square foot)Torr(torr) to lbf/yd²(pound-force per square yard)Torr(torr) to Mbar(megabar)Torr(torr) to mbar(millibar)Torr(torr) to Mgf/am²(megagram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to mgf/am²(milligram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to Mgf/Em²(megagram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to mgf/Em²(milligram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to Mgf/km²(megagram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to mgf/km²(milligram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to Mgf/m²(megagram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to mgf/m²(milligram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to Mgf/nm²(megagram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to mgf/nm²(milligram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to mgf/Tm²(milligram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to Mgf/Tm²(megagram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to mHg [conventional](metre of mercury)Torr(torr) to mH₂O [4 °C](metre of water)Torr(torr) to MmHg [conventional](megametre of mercury)Torr(torr) to mmHg [conventional](millimetre of mercury)Torr(torr) to MmH₂O [4 °C](megametre of water)Torr(torr) to mmH₂O [4 °C](millimetre of water)Torr(torr) to MN/am²(meganewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to mN/am²(millinewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to MN/cm²(meganewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to mN/cm²(millinewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to MN/dam²(meganewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to mN/dam²(millinewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to MN/dm²(meganewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to mN/dm²(millinewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to MN/Em²(meganewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to mN/Em²(millinewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to MN/fm²(meganewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to mN/fm²(millinewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to mN/Gm²(millinewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to MN/Gm²(meganewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to MN/hm²(meganewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to mN/hm²(millinewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to MN/km²(meganewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to mN/km²(millinewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to MN/Mm²(meganewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to MN/mm²(meganewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to MN/m²(meganewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to mN/m²(millinewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to MN/nm²(meganewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to mN/nm²(millinewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to MN/Pm²(meganewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to MN/pm²(meganewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to MN/Tm²(meganewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to mN/Tm²(millinewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to mN/ym²(millinewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to mN/Ym²(millinewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to MN/ym²(meganewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to MN/Ym²(meganewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to mN/zm²(millinewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to mN/Zm²(millinewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to MN/zm²(meganewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to MN/Zm²(meganewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to MN/µm²(meganewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to MPa(megapascal)Torr(torr) to mPa(millipascal)Torr(torr) to MTorr(megatorr)Torr(torr) to mTorr(millitorr)Torr(torr) to N/am²(newton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to N/cm²(newton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to N/dam²(newton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to N/dm²(newton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to N/Em²(newton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to N/fm²(newton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to N/Gm²(newton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to N/hm²(newton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to N/km²(newton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to N/Mm²(newton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to N/mm²(newton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to N/m²(newton per square metre)Torr(torr) to N/nm²(newton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to N/Pm²(newton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to N/pm²(newton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to N/Tm²(newton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to N/ym²(newton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to N/Ym²(newton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to N/zm²(newton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to N/Zm²(newton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to N/µm²(newton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to nbar(nanobar)Torr(torr) to ngf/am²(nanogram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to ngf/cm²(nanogram-force per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to ngf/dam²(nanogram-force per square decametre)Torr(torr) to ngf/dm²(nanogram-force per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to ngf/Em²(nanogram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to ngf/fm²(nanogram-force per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to ngf/Gm²(nanogram-force per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to ngf/hm²(nanogram-force per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to ngf/km²(nanogram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to ngf/Mm²(nanogram-force per square megametre)Torr(torr) to ngf/mm²(nanogram-force per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to ngf/m²(nanogram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to ngf/nm²(nanogram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to ngf/Pm²(nanogram-force per square petametre)Torr(torr) to ngf/pm²(nanogram-force per square picometre)Torr(torr) to ngf/Tm²(nanogram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to ngf/ym²(nanogram-force per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to ngf/µm²(nanogram-force per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to nmHg [conventional](nanometre of mercury)Torr(torr) to nmH₂O [4 °C](nanometre of water)Torr(torr) to nN/am²(nanonewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to nN/cm²(nanonewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to nN/dam²(nanonewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to nN/dm²(nanonewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to nN/Em²(nanonewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to nN/fm²(nanonewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to nN/Gm²(nanonewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to nN/hm²(nanonewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to nN/km²(nanonewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to nN/Mm²(nanonewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to nN/mm²(nanonewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to nN/m²(nanonewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to nN/nm²(nanonewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to nN/Pm²(nanonewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to nN/pm²(nanonewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to nN/Tm²(nanonewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to nN/ym²(nanonewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to nN/Ym²(nanonewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to nN/zm²(nanonewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to nN/Zm²(nanonewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to nN/µm²(nanonewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to nPa(nanopascal)Torr(torr) to nTorr(nanotorr)Torr(torr) to ozf/ft²(ounce-force per square foot)Torr(torr) to ozf/in²(ounce-force per square inch)Torr(torr) to ozf/yd²(ounce-force per square yard)Torr(torr) to Pa(pascal)Torr(torr) to Pbar(petabar)Torr(torr) to pbar(picobar)Torr(torr) to pdl/ft²(poundal per square foot)Torr(torr) to pdl/in²(poundal per square inch)Torr(torr) to Pgf/am²(petagram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to pgf/am²(picogram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to Pgf/Em²(petagram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to pgf/Em²(picogram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to Pgf/km²(petagram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to pgf/km²(picogram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to Pgf/m²(petagram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to pgf/m²(picogram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to Pgf/nm²(petagram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to pgf/nm²(picogram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to Pgf/Tm²(petagram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to pgf/Tm²(picogram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to PmHg [conventional](petametre of mercury)Torr(torr) to pmHg [conventional](picometre of mercury)Torr(torr) to PmH₂O [4 °C](petametre of water)Torr(torr) to pmH₂O [4 °C](picometre of water)Torr(torr) to PN/am²(petanewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to pN/am²(piconewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to PN/cm²(petanewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to pN/cm²(piconewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to PN/dam²(petanewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to pN/dam²(piconewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to PN/dm²(petanewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to pN/dm²(piconewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to PN/Em²(petanewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to pN/Em²(piconewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to PN/fm²(petanewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to pN/fm²(piconewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to PN/Gm²(petanewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to pN/Gm²(piconewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to PN/hm²(petanewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to pN/hm²(piconewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to PN/km²(petanewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to pN/km²(piconewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to PN/Mm²(petanewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to pN/Mm²(piconewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to PN/m²(petanewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to pN/m²(piconewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to PN/nm²(petanewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to pN/nm²(piconewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to PN/Tm²(petanewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to pN/Tm²(piconewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to PN/ym²(petanewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to PN/Ym²(petanewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to pN/ym²(piconewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to pN/Ym²(piconewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to PN/zm²(petanewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to PN/Zm²(petanewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to pN/zm²(piconewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to pN/Zm²(piconewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to PPa(petapascal)Torr(torr) to pPa(picopascal)Torr(torr) to psi or lbf/in²(pound-force per square inch)Torr(torr) to PTorr(petatorr)Torr(torr) to pTorr(picotorr)Torr(torr) to Tbar(terabar)Torr(torr) to Tgf/am²(teragram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/cm²(teragram-force per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/dam²(teragram-force per square decametre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/dm²(teragram-force per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/Em²(teragram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/fm²(teragram-force per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/Gm²(teragram-force per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/hm²(teragram-force per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/km²(teragram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/mm²(teragram-force per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/Mm²(teragram-force per square megametre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/m²(teragram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/nm²(teragram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/Pm²(teragram-force per square petametre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/pm²(teragram-force per square picometre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/Tm²(teragram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/ym²(teragram-force per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/Ym²(teragram-force per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/zm²(teragram-force per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/Zm²(teragram-force per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/µm²(teragram-force per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to TmHg [conventional](terametre of mercury)Torr(torr) to TmH₂O [4 °C](terametre of water)Torr(torr) to TN/am²(teranewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to TN/cm²(teranewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to TN/dam²(teranewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to TN/dm²(teranewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to TN/Em²(teranewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to TN/fm²(teranewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to TN/Gm²(teranewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to TN/hm²(teranewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to TN/km²(teranewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to TN/Mm²(teranewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to TN/mm²(teranewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to TN/m²(teranewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to TN/nm²(teranewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to TN/Pm²(teranewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to TN/pm²(teranewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to TN/Tm²(teranewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to TN/ym²(teranewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to TN/Ym²(teranewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to TN/zm²(teranewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to TN/Zm²(teranewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to TN/µm²(teranewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to TPa(terapascal)Torr(torr) to TTorr(teratorr)Torr(torr) to ybar(yoctobar)Torr(torr) to Ybar(yottabar)Torr(torr) to ygf/am²(yoctogram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to Ygf/am²(yottagram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to ygf/Em²(yoctogram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to Ygf/Em²(yottagram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to ygf/km²(yoctogram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to Ygf/km²(yottagram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to ygf/m²(yoctogram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to Ygf/m²(yottagram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to ygf/Tm²(yoctogram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to Ygf/Tm²(yottagram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to ymHg [conventional](yoctometre of mercury)Torr(torr) to YmHg [conventional](yottametre of mercury)Torr(torr) to ymH₂O [4 °C](yoctometre of water)Torr(torr) to YmH₂O [4 °C](yottametre of water)Torr(torr) to yN/am²(yoctonewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to YN/am²(yottanewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to yN/cm²(yoctonewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to YN/cm²(yottanewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to yN/dam²(yoctonewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to YN/dam²(yottanewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to yN/dm²(yoctonewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to YN/dm²(yottanewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to yN/Em²(yoctonewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to YN/Em²(yottanewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to yN/fm²(yoctonewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to YN/fm²(yottanewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to yN/Gm²(yoctonewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to YN/Gm²(yottanewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to yN/hm²(yoctonewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to YN/hm²(yottanewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to yN/km²(yoctonewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to YN/km²(yottanewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to yN/Mm²(yoctonewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to YN/Mm²(yottanewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to yN/mm²(yoctonewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to YN/mm²(yottanewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to yN/m²(yoctonewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to YN/m²(yottanewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to yN/nm²(yoctonewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to YN/nm²(yottanewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to yN/Pm²(yoctonewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to yN/pm²(yoctonewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to YN/Pm²(yottanewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to YN/pm²(yottanewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to yN/Tm²(yoctonewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to YN/Tm²(yottanewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to yN/ym²(yoctonewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to yN/Ym²(yoctonewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to YN/ym²(yottanewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to YN/Ym²(yottanewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to yN/zm²(yoctonewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to yN/Zm²(yoctonewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to YN/zm²(yottanewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to YN/Zm²(yottanewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to yN/µm²(yoctonewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to YN/µm²(yottanewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to yPa(yoctopascal)Torr(torr) to YPa(yottapascal)Torr(torr) to yTorr(yoctotorr)Torr(torr) to YTorr(yottatorr)Torr(torr) to zbar(zeptobar)Torr(torr) to Zbar(zettabar)Torr(torr) to zgf/am²(zeptogram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to Zgf/am²(zettagram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to zgf/Em²(zeptogram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to Zgf/Em²(zettagram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to zgf/km²(zeptogram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to Zgf/km²(zettagram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to zgf/m²(zeptogram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to Zgf/m²(zettagram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to zgf/Tm²(zeptogram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to Zgf/Tm²(zettagram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to zmHg [conventional](zeptometre of mercury)Torr(torr) to ZmHg [conventional](zettametre of mercury)Torr(torr) to zmH₂O [4 °C](zeptometre of water)Torr(torr) to ZmH₂O [4 °C](zettametre of water)Torr(torr) to zN/am²(zeptonewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to ZN/am²(zettanewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to zN/cm²(zeptonewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to ZN/cm²(zettanewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to zN/dam²(zeptonewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to ZN/dam²(zettanewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to zN/dm²(zeptonewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to ZN/dm²(zettanewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to zN/Em²(zeptonewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to ZN/Em²(zettanewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to zN/fm²(zeptonewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to ZN/fm²(zettanewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to zN/Gm²(zeptonewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to ZN/Gm²(zettanewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to zN/hm²(zeptonewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to ZN/hm²(zettanewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to zN/km²(zeptonewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to ZN/km²(zettanewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to zN/Mm²(zeptonewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to ZN/Mm²(zettanewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to zN/mm²(zeptonewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to ZN/mm²(zettanewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to zN/m²(zeptonewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to ZN/m²(zettanewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to zN/nm²(zeptonewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to ZN/nm²(zettanewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to zN/Pm²(zeptonewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to zN/pm²(zeptonewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to ZN/Pm²(zettanewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to ZN/pm²(zettanewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to zN/Tm²(zeptonewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to ZN/Tm²(zettanewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to zN/ym²(zeptonewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to zN/Ym²(zeptonewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to ZN/ym²(zettanewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to ZN/Ym²(zettanewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to zN/zm²(zeptonewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to zN/Zm²(zeptonewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to ZN/zm²(zettanewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to ZN/Zm²(zettanewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to zN/µm²(zeptonewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to ZN/µm²(zettanewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to zPa(zeptopascal)Torr(torr) to ZPa(zettapascal)Torr(torr) to zTorr(zeptotorr)Torr(torr) to ZTorr(zettatorr)Torr(torr) to µbar(microbar)Torr(torr) to µgf/am²(microgram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to µgf/Em²(microgram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to µgf/km²(microgram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to µgf/m²(microgram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to µgf/nm²(microgram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to µgf/Tm²(microgram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to µmHg [conventional](micrometre of mercury)Torr(torr) to µmH₂O [4 °C](micrometre of water)Torr(torr) to µN/am²(micronewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to µN/cm²(micronewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to µN/dam²(micronewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to µN/dm²(micronewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to µN/Em²(micronewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to µN/fm²(micronewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to µN/Gm²(micronewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to µN/hm²(micronewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to µN/km²(micronewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to µN/Mm²(micronewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to µN/m²(micronewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to µN/nm²(micronewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to µN/Pm²(micronewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to µN/pm²(micronewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to µN/Tm²(micronewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to µN/ym²(micronewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to µN/Ym²(micronewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to µN/zm²(micronewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to µN/Zm²(micronewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to µPa(micropascal)Torr(torr) to µTorr(microtorr)