Unit Yibit
Name yobibit
Category Data
Details A yobibit (Yibit) is a unit of digital information or computer storage in the field of data. It is equivalent to 2^80 or 1,208,925,819,614,629,174,706,176 bits. The term "yobibit" is derived from the words "yotta," which means 10^24, and "binary," referring to the base-2 system used in digital data storage. It is a part of the binary-prefixed system, which is based on powers of 2, and is mainly used to express large storage capacities or data transfer rates in telecommunications and computer systems.

It is crucial to understand that yobibit (Yibit) is different from the standard International System of Units (SI) measurement, such as yottabit (Ybit), which is based on powers of 10 and is equal to 10^24 bits.
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