Unit YiB
Name yobibyte
Category Data
Details A yobibyte (YiB) is a unit of digital information used to represent a certain amount of data in the field of computing, particularly in the context of data storage and communication. It is equivalent to 2^80, or 1,208,925,819,614,629,174,706,176 bytes.

The term "yobibyte" is derived from the International System of Quantities (ISQ), which uses binary prefixes to represent large amounts of data. It is part of the larger family of binary prefixes, which includes the well-known kilobyte (KiB), megabyte (MiB), and gigabyte (GiB).

One yobibyte is equivalent to 1,024 zebibytes (ZiB) or approximately 1.21 trillion gibibytes (GiB). This makes it an incredibly large unit of digital storage, which is currently not commonly used in everyday computing, as existing storage capacities and networks have not yet reached this scale. However, as technology continues to advance and the need for larger and larger amounts of data storage increases, the yobibyte may become a more relevant unit for describing data.
YiB(yobibyte) to B(byte)YiB(yobibyte) to bit(bit)YiB(yobibyte) to EB [Binary](exabyte)YiB(yobibyte) to EB [SI](exabyte)YiB(yobibyte) to Ebit [Binary](exabit)YiB(yobibyte) to Ebit [SI](exabit)YiB(yobibyte) to EiB(exbibyte)YiB(yobibyte) to Eibit(exbibit)YiB(yobibyte) to GB [Binary](gigabyte)YiB(yobibyte) to GB [SI](gigabyte)YiB(yobibyte) to Gbit [Binary](gigabit)YiB(yobibyte) to Gbit [SI](gigabit)YiB(yobibyte) to GiB(gibibyte)YiB(yobibyte) to Gibit(gibibit)YiB(yobibyte) to kB [Binary](kilobyte)YiB(yobibyte) to kB [SI](kilobyte)YiB(yobibyte) to kbit [Binary](kilobit)YiB(yobibyte) to kbit [SI](kilobit)YiB(yobibyte) to KiB(kibibyte)YiB(yobibyte) to Kibit(kibibit)YiB(yobibyte) to MB [Binary](megabyte)YiB(yobibyte) to MB [SI](megabyte)YiB(yobibyte) to Mbit [Binary](megabit)YiB(yobibyte) to Mbit [SI](megabit)YiB(yobibyte) to MiB(mebibyte)YiB(yobibyte) to Mibit(mebibit)YiB(yobibyte) to PB [Binary](petabyte)YiB(yobibyte) to PB [SI](petabyte)YiB(yobibyte) to Pbit [Binary](petabit)YiB(yobibyte) to Pbit [SI](petabit)YiB(yobibyte) to PiB(pebibyte)YiB(yobibyte) to Pibit(pebibit)YiB(yobibyte) to TB [Binary](terabyte)YiB(yobibyte) to TB [SI](terabyte)YiB(yobibyte) to Tbit [Binary](terabit)YiB(yobibyte) to Tbit [SI](terabit)YiB(yobibyte) to TiB(tebibyte)YiB(yobibyte) to Tibit(tebibit)YiB(yobibyte) to YB [Binary](yottabyte)YiB(yobibyte) to YB [SI](yottabyte)YiB(yobibyte) to Ybit [Binary](yottabit)YiB(yobibyte) to Ybit [SI](yottabit)YiB(yobibyte) to Yibit(yobibit)YiB(yobibyte) to ZB [Binary](zettabyte)YiB(yobibyte) to ZB [SI](zettabyte)YiB(yobibyte) to Zbit [Binary](zettabit)YiB(yobibyte) to Zbit [SI](zettabit)YiB(yobibyte) to ZiB(zebibyte)YiB(yobibyte) to Zibit(zebibit)