Unit yph
Name yoctophot
Category Illuminance
Details A yoctophot (yph) is a unit of illuminance in the International System of Units (SI) that represents a very small amount of illuminance. It is derived from the prefix "yocto," which denotes 10^(-24) or 0.000000000000000000000001 times a base unit. In the case of yoctophot, it represents 10^(-24) phot (ph), where phot is a non-SI unit of illuminance.

Illuminance is a measure of the amount of light falling on a surface, and it is commonly measured in units like lux (lx) in the SI system. Lux is defined as lumens per square meter (lm/m²). Since one phot is equal to 10,000 lux, one yoctophot is equal to 10^(-24) * 10,000 lux = 10^(-20) lux.

A yoctophot (yph) is an extremely small unit of illuminance that is rarely used in practice due to its insignificant magnitude. Instead, illuminance measurements typically use larger units like lux for practical purposes in various applications like lighting design, photography, and human vision studies.
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