Unit z℧
Name zeptomho
Category Electrical Conductance
Details Zeptomho (z℧) is a unit of electrical conductance in the International System of Units (SI). It is a derived unit formed by combining the SI prefix "zepto" (z) with the unit of conductance "mho" (℧).

The zeptomho (z℧) measures the conductance of electrical components, which represents the ability of a material or component to allow the flow of electric current through it. The greater the conductance, the easier it is for the electric current to pass through the material or component.

As a zepto- (z) is 1x10^(-21) times the basic unit, a zeptomho (z℧) equals 1x10^(-21) siemens (S). The Siemens (S) is the standard unit of conductance in the SI system, so zeptomho is a very small unit and is often used when dealing with very low conductance values, such as those found in nanoscale or molecular electronic devices.