Unit zA/m
Name zeptoampere per metre
Category Magnetic Field Intensity
Details In the field of magnetic field intensity, the unit zA/m (zeptoampere per metre) represents the strength of the magnetic field generated by a current flowing in a conductor. It is a very small unit used to measure extremely low magnetic field intensities.

A zeptoampere is a unit of electric current and is equivalent to 10^-21 amperes. The magnetic field intensity is directly proportional to the current flowing through the conductor and is inversely proportional to the distance from the conductor. Therefore, if there is 1 zeptoampere of current flowing through a conductor and we measure the magnetic field intensity at a distance of 1 meter from it, the magnetic field intensity will be 1 zA/m.

In summary, zA/m (zeptoampere per metre) is a unit used to describe very weak magnetic fields generated by extremely low electric currents, and it finds particular applications in measuring very sensitive magnetic phenomena or devices.