Unit Zb
Name zettabarn
Category Area
Details A zeptobarn (zb) is a unit of area used primarily in particle physics, specifically to represent the cross-sectional area of particles during collision processes. The term "barn" comes from the colloquial expression "big as a barn" because, in the context of particle interactions, it represents a relatively large area.

A zeptobarn is a very small unit of area, equal to 10^-45 square meters (m²). It is 21 orders of magnitude smaller than a barn, which is equal to 10^-28 m². This unit is used to express the probability of a particular particle interaction or scattering event occurring, with larger cross-sectional areas corresponding to higher probabilities of interactions. In particle physics experiments, such as those conducted at particle colliders, these probabilities are crucial for identifying and studying subatomic particles and their properties.
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