Unit ZS
Name zettasiemens
Category Electrical Conductance
Details In the field of electrical conductance, the unit zeptosiemens (zS) is a very small unit that measures the ability of a material to conduct an electrical current. It is derived from the base unit Siemens (S), which is the standard international (SI) unit for electrical conductance.

A zeptosiemens is equal to 1 x 10^(-21) Siemens, which makes it a very small measure of conductance. It's typically used when dealing with extremely low levels of electrical conductivity, such as in nanoscale devices or in cases where the conductance is almost negligible.

In summary, a zeptosiemens (zS) is a unit used to measure electrical conductance and is equal to one-sextillionth (1 x 10^(-21)) of a Siemens. It's used for measuring extremely low levels of electrical conductivity.